Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goings on at the shop...

Hey. Hi. We have been SUPER CRAZY INSANE BUSY here at the shop lately. Can I tell you whats been happening here? Hope you said yes, cause I'm totally gonna do it anyway.

First off, we hired three new people. THREE! What fun. John, Savannah, and Keeli are all awesome and of course stylish members of our little team. We are super excited to see all the wonderful things they have to offer. Its been really great to get to know them (We have known beautiful boy John for years), and I can't wait to work more with them! 

***We'd also like to say that we still really miss Cara. TIME DOES NOT HEAL ALL WOUNDS. I love you, Cara.You were such a presence at the shop, and everyone in the world misses you. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!***

Moving on, I'm sure you all saw our sale! We seriously couldn't have been happier with it! It took A LOT of hard work, and to be honest, we were new to the whole thing, so we were nervous! It went off without a hitch, and now we can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Shew. This was a really great step for our shop, and we are not only proud of ourselves, but also very thankful to Fab for allowing us this beyond amazing opportunity. 

Another thing that is changing is our kitchen! Have you all noticed the goings on in there yet? We still have a lot to do, though the changes are already very visible. We are trying to add permanent features that will make the kitchen seem more cohesive, and more shopable for all of you! Always feel free to give us feedback on our changes! We are interested in knowing how you feel about our designs! Don't be shy! 

Our Etsy store, which can be found here: is going very well, and its been great to share our love of vintage to a wider audience. Even if you get the chance to come into our physical store, make sure to check out our Etsy since we post new items on there that usually never even go on the floor! More awesome things for you to check out! We love you all. I love you all.

We've got a store flip coming up! In mid-June, we are going to redo rooms, and as usual, we are hard at work planning what sort of styles and themes we want to incorporate into our room designs. If you are friends with us on Facebook, we will be posting pictures of the flip, as we always do! Yeah!

Speaking of Facebook, we are also trying very hard to post an album every week of new items that we think are out of this world. Its always so much fun to post pictures of things we think are neat, only to have you all come out and tell us that you love them, too! We hope you all enjoy getting to see fresh off the press items!

Okay, I THINK thats all that I felt the need to talk about. I just wanted to keep you all updated on the shop! 

I'll just leave you with this photo. I'm currently reading a book about a circus fire that occurred in 1944. I've got the circus on my mind, nothing new there.

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