Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Kentucky Derby...

The Kentucky Derby combines two of my most favorite things in the world: sport and gambling. If you know me, you know that I love sports intensely. Doesn't matter what. (Okay, I don't particularly like baseball, but thats forgivable, right)? Yes. Yes it is. You'll also know that I have quite the penchant for gambling. I have no idea where I got that from, since my parents are incredibly rational with money. Good for them! I seem to take my role as day-dreamer extraordinaire to another level with gambling constantly telling myself, 'but maybe this time I'll win. I really feel good about this one'. I know its silly and completely irrational, but each time I place a bet, or pull the lever on a machine in the casino, for a brief second, I've won. In less than five seconds, I've somehow already imagined exactly what I would do with the money and I've felt the rush of claiming my prize. Look at me getting lost in my imagined romance of gambling! Lets get back to the nitty gritty: The Kentucky Derby.

The Derby seems to have something to offer to every single person out there, whatever their interest may be. Love sports? Cool, you'll get to be really amped up for 3 minutes-ish. Love gambling? Place that bet and hold your breath for the entire race. Love going out and being social? THIS IS YOUR DREAM DAY. Love nothing about the Derby? Then you're lying. Someone is having a party, and there is awesome food for you to eat. Everyone loves food. Lastly, and if we are all being honest with each other here, the Derby is mostly about one thing: fashion.

Sure, when you think of Derby, you think of fancy ladies and gentleman all wearing hats. But lets go way back when, to the founding of the race in 1875. What were people wearing in decades past?

In the 1920s, it was the fashion for women to wear slim ankle length dresses made of silk. The 30s and 40s brought along with it a more tailored suit. The 50s saw women wearing the classic feminine and silhouetted dresses. The 60s saw a shorter dress with a shift shape, and the 70s welcomed back a longer length dress and skirt. Hats were prevalent throughout the decades, though it seemed their significance didn't take off until the past 50 years. Lets just take a look at pictures of the Derby through the decades, shall we? 

* I saved some photos on the desktop and have NO IDEA where they originally came from, so please excuse my lack of sources for the photos*

Derby in 1930

Derby in 1938

Derby in 1926

Lana Turner, Derby in the 1940s

Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Derby in 1951

Derby in 1966

Derby in 1928

Winner of the Derby in the 1910s

This is just a really great postcard. Circa 1920s.

Derby in the 1930s

Derby in the 1930s

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the fashions (and a postcard and horse). If I ever go to the Derby, which I probably will at some point, I'm definitely hitting it up 1930s style. I mean, look at this last picture. Those women are beyond incredible. I love them all. I wish they were my best friends and I also wish I had their wardrobe. 

Hope you all enjoy your Derby plans, whatever they may be! 

Until next time...

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