Friday, May 17, 2013


 We have a New Guy here at Street Scene, yeah that's right I said it a "GUY"!

Awesome changes are happening here at the shop and I'm so excited to finally be a part of it all!
 Fab, Etsy, Decades Rack, Taking Items from the 1920s-1940s, New Floor Layout, Kitchen Makeover, and then The New GUY.

HELLO! I'm Feather or John -(to Kat and Terri)
For my first blog post as new the "Guy" I thought it would be best for me to share my LOVE for what else?  Men's Fashion
In the past the men's section here at Street Scene hasn't got all the love it deserves and I've noticed each year its getting better and better with getting in what us Guys want!  
 vintage clothes, bow ties, shoes, hats, and now new fragrance. 
As a Man you might think its a little more difficult to wear vintage with all the Wild Patterns, Colors, and Fabrics so I've put together this group of  photos to compare Modern and Vintage Fashion to inspire you. 

  Mixing Bold Printed shirts with Denim
I love denim, ask the girls!.. I love it because its easy and fast and it go's with about anything! The guy on the Left took a Vintage inspired shirt like the Rolling Stones have on in the Right and pared it up with a denim jacket and shorts. 
This look is perfect for the Crazy weather we've been having in Lexington.

 This White Shirt Look is always a Classic
 A T-shirt or Button down with a pair of Levis Jeans, perfect for a hard working guy.
I like the idea of colored jeans for this look.

Collared Shirts and Awesome BIG Hair.. the more layers and Patters the Better in my book!
Tweed Blazers
This look is Perfect for Keeneland come Fall.. 

 Bright Colors and Loud Prints
 I love this Look its a hard one to pull off but you will look totally awesome if you doo!
For the modern look take a Loud Print shirt like the one I found below here at Street Scene and pair it with some solid colored shorts or jeans
This is for the Guy who Hates Color! 
Try This Look Below. this Hat is one of Matt's Hats available here at Street Scene.
Prints and Jackets
TRY out this Awesome SHIRT and Jacket below

 Stripes Stripes Stripes
these blue stripes look awesome with Denim.


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