Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm feeling all the feels...

After a long and difficult internal struggle, I decided that I would finally go see 'The Great Gatsby'. I have a few books that I reread every single year. That book is one of them. ('East of Eden' is on that list, too, and its the greatest book ever. If you haven't read it, go do so immediately. I mean it).

To say that I love this book is an understatement. This is one of those books that completely wears me out by the time I'm finished with it. Yes, I've read it well over 20 times, but I still have to make sure that I have a day off when I finish it, because it so thoroughly exhausts me. When its all said and done, my brain feels heavy, my heart beats slower, and my body genuinely has to work harder to not let the book kill my insides. 

Maybe you can tell by this point, but I don't hate this book. Which is exactly why I was so afraid to see the movie. So often, I will see a movie adaptation of a great novel, and not only does it just suck, but it does the worst thing a movie can do: erase the memory of your mental creation of characters, places, and things. This is mostly what I was afraid of. 

I went in to the movie accepting that the lines that stop my breath, the combinations of words that completely suck the air out of my lungs, may not be delivered as I thought they should. I went in to the movie accepting that the way I pictured certain scenes may not be played out properly, and thats okay. I went into the movie giving up my creative freedom, and enjoying someone's version of their love for the novel.

I can't even. The movie was beyond anything I could have hoped for. Separating the novel from the movie as best as I could made me appreciate the movie that much more. I stupidly packed myself a ham sandwich to eat during the movie, upon which many tears fell. Note to self: avoid ham sandwiches when you think you may start crying. I can't even begin to imagine how gross and sad I must have looked to the other movie goers last night. Oh, well...

I'm going to avoid going into any sort of detail about my opinion of the movie, but I think its pretty imperative that you, all of you, just need to see how beautiful this movie was. What I'm trying to say is that I'm sorry for talking so long, lets just get our mind blown by some beauty. 


Gatsby's bedroom. The setting where one of my favorite scenes takes place.

You know I love a sanitarium. Boom. 

Okay. I couldn't find a proper image, but this is the flat that Tom keeps for Myrtle. Its so decadent 
in a way that is different than the rest of the movie. Its set so well, that I even know what it smells 
like inside of that apartment. 

Her ring. Her blue fur collar. Her monkey hair(?) stole. Its all too much.

I can't even. Every man needs that sweater, and every woman needs her silk robe and head scarf.

A party scene echoing Disney's 'Fantasia'. Please someone help me because I'm dying.

Gatsby's house. I loved the tranquility of the beginning of this scene, and of course, the changing tents
were perfect. 

I was just talking about how much I hate Tobey Maguire, and how he ruins movies. I spoke too soon. Not only 
did I NOT hate him, I fell in love. His presence as Nick Carraway was perfect. And if I may say so, I even found him attractive. WHAT?!

Tom and Jordan at Tom's residence. Jordan's character was lacking. I said it. But the breeziness
of this place was beyond. 

I really hope that if you haven't gone to see this movie that you do so. Right now. Take off work, and just do it. If anyone wants to talk about any of the beautiful clothing, accessories, and housewares, please feel free. Seriously. 

Until next time...

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