Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kitchen Kate...

First off, I like this picture because it makes me look grumpy, which of course, I am. I believe in accuracy. However, I am NOT holding a doughnut anywhere in this picture, so obviously its not 100% accurate.  What can you do, right?

Okay. So, we have a flip coming up on Saturday, June 15th! Hopefully you all will come in and be so pleasantly shocked and happy about all the new changes we have made. We've really been trying our hardest to come up with awesome new rooms and decorating ideas, so heres to hoping we nail it! We've done some changes leading up to the flip, and one of my favorites has been keeping all of our casserole dishes and large mixing bowls all together on our new kitchen island. 

I have so many different 'Kitchen Kates'. There's the Kate that thinks every plate in her kitchen should be white and everything should be uniform and super clean looking. There's the Kate that thinks everything should be a super bright color and have a sort of color story. Then there's the Kate that thinks you should just buy things one piece at a time so that every glass, bowl, dish, and plate is different. This is a constant struggle for me, so I've decided the only thing to do is to have multiple kitchens. Seems reasonable.

Whether you like to have your kitchen organized in color and style, or a hodge podge of things you just love, adding some awesome casserole dishes, refridgerator dishes, and mixing bowls is a great way to add some fun to your space. Lets look at some examples of how people use these to decorate their kitchens!

This person is obviously my best friend. I personally LOVE how they pulled the orange
from the two random tiles on the backsplash. I also super enjoy the one green bowl
that correlates perfectly with the lining of the shelves. Adding that one color really
changes the scheme up, and allows you to incorporate that ONE item that you 
love so much, but doesn't match. Easy fix! 

This person threw caution to the wind. I really appreciate that they turned some bowls
on their sides. This just adds some more variety, rather than always keeping them in
a stack. I also love that they have a casserole dish with stand thrown in there. I 
ADORE when a dish has a stand. Its perfect and it makes me happy.

So, these were the colors in my kitchen from 2 years ago. I'm really enjoying the canister sets
on top of this hutch. This person chose not to mix their colors, and thats okay. Let us not

You can't go wrong with reds, yellows, and greens. Classic vintage country kitchen theme going on here,
and I'm not mad about it! I like it! I love the bottom shelf, especially, though that bread box at top is
really doing it for me. A set of mixing bowls on your shelf is guaranteed to be a perfect pop of color
and fun. Promise. 

First off, I love how this person decided to add a small bookcase on top of a cabinet 
to create more space and a perfect little area to display their items. I also LOVE
all the cute little trinkets throughout. I'm by nature a trinket-y person, so I 
get this. I get this hard. 

Pyrex dishes are also just really great to have as your fruit bowl. They make the 
inside of your fridge look spectacular, if you choose to use them to house
fruits, veggies, or even just your leftovers. I promise that using Pyrex 
will greatly improve your happiness. 

We'll end on this, because, well, just look at it. This is dedication. IF any of you have
a collection like this, just retire because you've won at life. Go you.

I hope you all like seeing how other people display their kitchen items! Make sure you all come in and see all of our awesome pyrex/fireking/random no name but still neat dishes! 

Until next time...

P.S. Ever since I typed the word 'doughnut' in my intro to this blog, I've been fiending for one. I should do a blog post about doughnuts next time. Vintage doughnuts? I dunno. I'm hungry, and now I'm grumpy. Told you that picture is accurate. 

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