Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RV Travels...

So, one of the boss ladies of Street Scene got herself an RV. Everyone, including myself, is EXTREMELY jealous. I'm a lover of anything vintage travel related, and its always been a dream of mine to have an old RV and go West. Sigh. One day!

All this RV talk has me just day dreaming about awesome decorating ideas for the interior. Yes, I realize I don't have one, but that doesn't matter! Lets look at some incredibly awesome vintage RV interiors, shall we?

First off, I have to mention the movie, 'The Long, Long Trailer'. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and do so right now. Lucy and Desi are at their very best in this film, and it involves a perfect trailer. I'm sold! 

This is just on set, BUT DANG! Look at this trailer's interior! DYING. 

Lucy has a very 'Kate' moment in which she tries to explain to Desi how she NEEDS all of her things, even
though she has too much of everything. Classic.

Now, lets just take a look at some RV pictures. Be prepared to have an insatiable urge to buy an RV, decorate the hell out of it, and then quit your job and travel. I'm sorry that I'm inciting this in you, but it must be done. Enjoy. 

Okay. This RV may be the greatest thing I have ever seen. I love the meeting of modern and vintage, and this bad boy 
is beyond dreamy. I think this may be the best thing I have ever seen, ever.

I'm not quite sure why I am so attracted to this. First off, nothing in this picture is my
style. Secondly, the first point I just made could stand to be made again. However,
this is in an RV, and not only is that awesome, but how fun would it be to 
lazily nap on this little seating area? Okay, I love this. Big time. 

Okay, so this is an interior renovation of an old Airstream. For the most part, I
love this. Pretty dang neat. Wouldn't mind to travel in this thing. 

Look at this 1967 Airstream trailer. Brain cannot compute how perfect this is. As a girl that loves
a neutral palette, this speaks to me. 

I love the clean and modern feel of this juxtaposed with the super vintage and super
amazing wallpaper. I wouldn't mind to have a bottled Coke and a book inside
this little treasure. 

Simplistic, a bit masculine, this RV interior is pretty ace. I feel like I should be reading a Hemingway novel in here.

(Can't find link)
But this picture pretty much says it all. 

(Can't find link)
Again, not my style, but this is so very incredibly perfect and I would like to live here and never leave. I may even
try my hand at cooking in this wonderland! This interior is just beyond! 

Hey! I hope you all enjoyed looking at those pictures as much as I did! How fun would it be to have your very own RV and decorate it! Shew! Would you all choose to make it more modern, or would you like to keep with the vintage feel? I honestly feel like I would take aspects from all of these to create my perfect RV interior!

Which one of these was your favorite?!?! I wanna know!

Until next time...


  1. The turquoise blue that one.

    1. Like you, I also like the neutrals. I need afghans, quilts and just the right pans for cooking and a few utensils I think one must have!