Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Get the vintage eclectic look!

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During our latest store flip, we really focused on mixing and matching different styles and decades in our spaces.  The result was some really fun and modern eclectic spaces.  This is the easiest style of decorating because there are really no rules.  You can mix and match colors, fabrics, styles of furniture, and patterns.  Your space really just becomes a combination of all your favorite trinkets, artworks, colors, and furnishings.  If you fall in love with a crazy painting at a flea market, you don't have to worry about it "matching" your space- you can just make it work with your eclectic look!  Here are some steps to get started in creating your own vintage eclectic look:

Fun Wall Art
From large vintage maps to unique mirrors, antique frames to pop art posters, be sure to have plenty of striking wall art covering your space!

 via Sojorner

 via Moon to Moon

A PoP of color
It's easiest to start with a blank canvas for your eclectic space, so all of your fun touches don't become too overpowering.  Neutral walls and floors work best, and then you can add pops of color where you choose- whether its painting a small part of the wall, throwing down a bright rug, adding tons of bright patterned pillows to your furniture, bringing in lots of bright accessories, or all of the above!

Try a funky rug
Mix and match rugs throughout your space: colorful oriental rugs or more modern geometric rugs both work great in eclectic rooms!

mix patterns
Mix patterns and color everywhere you can- pillows and throws, to rugs and curtains!

 via Oh my deer

unexpected touches
Add at least one completely unexpected item in your room- for example the silver disco ball in the shabby chic space below.  It could be a unique item from a collection, or a special momento that you want to display.  Deer heads are also great wall art that add an eclectic touch to any space.

 mix and match furniture
Steer away from sticking to just one style of furniture.  Try mixing traditional with modern, shabby chic with midcentury, or industrial with antique!

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