Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pool parties...

I'm about to speak a feeling, and say it with utmost confidence: There is nothing greater than a well put together pool party. When I say well put together, I seriously just mean that the people are fun, the pool has water in it, and there is an ice cold coke and maybe a hot dog or two (or five) for my enjoyment. I don't even care if I have a proper bathing suit. I'll hop in a pool in a sports bra if I have to. I've even been known to spend summers in a baby pool when a normal adult pool is out of reach. I make due.

Since the summer is winding down, we all need to think about having a few more perfect poolside hangs. Lets start with looking for the perfect vintage swimsuit. If I had my druthers, I'd own some of these bad boys...

alicksandraflin on etsy
This 1980s swimsuit basically has all I need. This is a fun sporty option for a one piece!

Dear Golden on etsy
This style swimsuit is SO FLATTERING on everyone, and is perfect for both the lady who wants to play in the
pool or the lady who wants to stay poolside and man the grill or just look pretty.

BrownCowVIntage on etsy
A classic neon 90s swimsuit makes for that effortless 'It looks like I tried' appearence, when really
you just threw it on. I particularly love the cut and print of this suit!

LuvStonedVintage on etsy
A playsuit is a cute and fun way to show more skin without having it all out there.
This green flowery number is just the ticket to have you on your way to being the best dressed
at your next pool gathering. 

BellaViveVintage on etsy
You can also go full 1980s, and work the hell out of a high cut suit, because why not?

Now that we have suits covered, lets talk about venues. Instead of living in real life, I am going to just go ahead and show you pictures of vintage pools that we all need to swim in. Most of these photos are from a flickr stream called '1950s Unlimited'. Its so hard to look at these wonderful pools and then think about the public pools that we all go to now. Lets bring these back! Particularly this first one! 

I am just in love with this circular beach created right in the middle of Iowa. This is a dream, and I think
every single town needs exactly this. What fun! 

Okay. So hopefully I've inspired you to go out and enjoy yourselves at your nearest pool! I just LOVE looking at all the old photos of swimming pools, especially ones at hotels! It just makes me want to go back in time and visit every single one of them. 

Until next time...

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