Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vintage DIY: Sheer Panel Skirt

Sheer details are one of the hottest trends of the year, and also one of the few trends that can be worn in every season.  Lately skirts with sheer cutouts and panels have been catching my eye.  I love the mixture of very classic silhouettes with edgy cutouts and sheer details.  We are always looking for ways to add a modern twist to our vintage clothing here at the store, so I decided to attempt to duplicate this style with some of our own vintage items. Check out some of my inspiration photos below for this DIY project and scroll down for step by step instructions!

My first attempt at the sheer cutout skirt was with this bright floral maxi we had in the store.  We get so many of these classic 70s style maxis in, but many people have trouble figuring out how to style these to look more wearable and less like a Brady Bunch costume!  I thought this little DIY project would be the perfect opportunity to turn this skirt into a super wearable trendy piece!  

The first step is to lay out your skirt and cut it into three pieces.  The center piece will be the one that is removed and replaced with a sheer panel, so carefully decide where you want this to be. 
Now you will use your center piece as a pattern to cut out your sheer panel.  Since this was my first attempt at this project, I just used some sheer fishnet material that we had in our fabric stash here at the store.  Lay the piece of fabric out and carefully cut out your sheer piece allowing for an extra inch of seam allowance on all sides.  

 Now comes the sewing!   First I hemmed each of the two pieces of skirt from where I had cut out the center panel, so that there would be a clean edge to attach the new sheer panel to.  Now you are ready to attach your sheer piece.  I laid my pieces out flat and pinned the center panel in to make sure it fit correctly.  Then I attached the sheer panel to the top piece of the skirt by sewing a single seam all around the hem of the skirt. 

 Next I attached the bottom of the skirt by sewing a single seam all around the top of the bottom piece.  Now your sheer panel skirt is complete!  I can't wait to try this with more skirts of different lengths and even tops! 

If you love this look, you can purchase the entire outfit in our store! 
Sheer Panel Skirt-$30
White Crop Top-$10
Navy purse- $16
Sunglasses- $10
Necklace- $12

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