Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Well, hot dog...

Okay. So I've been gone for a LONG time. But, I'm back! Lets do this blog thang!

First off, I feel so inspired by reading John's blog yesterday. I wish that I wasn't an apartment dweller and would stay in the same place for more than a year! I would wallpaper the heck out of everything. Walls, ceilings, steps, myself. EVERYTHING.

So. Yesterday was National Hot Dog day. For dinner, I had a chicken breast and seriously like five cucumbers, but my parents did indulge in the holiday, though I don't even think they knew. It got me thinking about Americans and their love of hot dogs. It also got me thinking about the best way to top a hot dog. (I'm a purist, I usually only want mustard and a metric ton of onions).

There is a trend right now of restaurants serving gourmet hot dogs, wild game hot dogs, insane toppings, all sorts of stuff. Believe me, I've been to TONS of these places, seeing as how I'm dating a hot dog connoisseur. Sure, we may be serving alligator hot dogs with sweet and sour pepper toppings NOW, but what was all the hype about these dogs back THEN?

Get ready for some really, REALLY great ads that explore the great relationship between Americans and their beloved hot dogs. All pictures can be found on 

I'm not sure how I feel about hot dogs in a pancake, exactly. When I was younger,
I DID eat a lot of 'breakfast corndogs', a sausage wrapped inside of a
pancake. Maybe I can't judge...

First off, I love the declaration that a hot dog, THESE hot dogs are high
quality protein and will make you more alert and ready to take on the
day! Oh, and not to mention eating these bad boys will make you
trim! Where has this diet been all my life?

Because every hot dog needs a song.

This seems very appropriate for today. Everyone for some reason is OBSESSED with bacon, and wrapping
anything and everything in it is a good idea. Who knew? This vintage wrapped dog is a precursor to the
bacon trend happening now. 

This is a great idea! Thanks, Wrigley's, for the tip! I also love that they are called porcupine buns! Cute! 

I seriously cannot handle a hot dog, covered in a buttery mustard
spread on a piece of bread accompanied by milk. Whats
worse is that it isn't even real milk. I don't know. Does this
picture gross anyone else out? 

A lot of the older ads I found for hot dogs showed them being served 
not on buns, but classed up. Some featured a nice spread with
eggs, marinara sauce, next to stuffed peppers, everything!
Next time one of you has a classy hot dog formal dining
experience, please invite me. 

I am unsure as to what they actually did to these hot dogs, but I do
know that they used a cauliflower very skilfully as a display piece. Could 
that possibly be a breadcrumb fried hot dog? Did I just make that up?
Would that even be good? 

Ah. The classic tray of hot dogs covered in barbecue sauce. YUM! I honestly
just love the look of this ad!

Hot dogs, country style! I don't hate this, at all.

So, the hot dog has always been a go-to for a quick and easy meal. And it also seems we have played around with toppings and presentation since day one! 

Did you all celebrate National Hot Dog day? And more importantly, what are the best toppings for a hot dog? As I said, I think mustard and onions bring out the flavor of the dog. When you start adding a bunch of stuff, it gets all jimble jammed. I wanna know what you guys think!

Until next time...

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