Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Driving to the drive-in...

There is a lot going on in my life over the course of the next few months. Between moving to Syracuse (Just did that, will be there for good in December), moving back into my parent's house for the time being, planning my sister's baby shower, decorating my sister's nursery, my sister actually having her baby, job hunting, and somewhere in there I'm getting married; I think its safe to say I'm a busy/stressed mess. What else is new? Seeing all of that typed out made me have a panic attack. Lets move on before I die here at this computer.

When I feel stressed, I have a few go-to places that calm me down. Of course, blackout shopping is my number one choice, but if I'm looking to save some money, I like to make my way over to the drive in. I'm a little late to the whole thing, my first time having gone to the drive-in being when I was 18. But, ever since then, I've been hooked. I love everything about the drive-in. I love the horrible, no good, terrible for you food, I love the people that take it very seriously, showing up hours early to get the best spot and laying out all their snacks and blankets, I love seeing the kids that are EVERYWHERE playing, though I wish they would all hush and disappear once the movie starts. But most of all, I love being in my own little vessel, with whomever I choose watching some movies. 

The best part about drive-ins, well, every part is the best part, is that you can enjoy them in the summer and fall. I've been to the drive-in when it was still mid-nineties, even at 10:00 at night. Where I was completely uncomfortable and sweaty and the summer heat was making me delirious enough that I actually though 'Captain America' was a good movie. I've also been to the drive-in where it was a crisp cool night and you could smell that somewhere someone was having a leaf burning fire in their backyard. Theres a romance to both, but nothing beats fall. Sweaters are amazing, blankets are amazing, and I'll be damned (pardon) if I don't enjoy a hot chocolate or two or eight when I'm sitting in my car enjoying the movie. 

My favorite drive-in has to be Georgetown Drive-in, located in Georgetown, Indiana. I just love this place. They have amazing food, an AMAZING atmosphere, and you just can't help but feel like you are back in the 1950s/60s. Everyone here is really friendly, and every single time I go, I see people that I saw the last time. This place has super devoted regulars, and it gives the place just that much more appeal.


SKYVUE drive in is another great one. Located in Winchester, this drive-in is so much closer than the one in Georgetown, Indiana, so its often an easier choice for me. The food is exactly what you would picture, crinkle cut fries that have sat out just a little too long, smashed burgers wrapped in foil, all the lovely things that you would never eat in real life. Theres just something about the drive in that makes you eat things that you wouldn't typically ever ever ingest. Skyvue is a great place to spend a night, unwind, and relax with nothing to think about other than how you'll spend the night in the bathroom due to all the candy/hotdogs/sodas you ingested. Ah. 

'Made of Honor' is supposed to be 'Maid of Honor', right? Shew. 

I've already looked into it, and Syracuse has some fairly close options for my insatiable hunger of visiting drive-ins. I'm already excited. Though something tells me spending a fall night at the drive-in in New York may feel a tad bit different than it does in Kentucky/Indiana. I got a cold just thinking about it. 

Do you all like drive-ins? What are some of your favorites? I wanna know! Do any of you have great memories at the drive-in from when you were younger? Lets hear them! 

I'm going to leave you all with some classic intermission screens. Enjoy!


  1. Oh I love the Drive In so much that I chose to work at the Sky View Twin this Year and give up every weekend night for the whole Summer to do so. I have no regrets. It's been a great Summer and though I'm (uh,hmm) 39 years old it has made me feel like I'm a kid again! Sadly we only have two more weekends left before we close for the Summer :( Thank you for sharing with us all and I will share your post. See you at the Drive In! ~Liz

  2. Hey, Liz! I didn't know you worked there! I am seriously SUPER jealous. What a fun job. I'm definitely going to have to go before they close down. You should head to Georgetown Drive-in at some point! They show classic horror movies during the fall. So much fun!