Friday, August 16, 2013

[Look for Less]

     Greetings all on this beautiful Friday! If you're like me, you're inside lusting after the nice weather that's been thrown at us these last few days. To ease the pain of staying indoors, I've been cruising one of my favorite sites, Fashion Gone Rogue to satiate my appetite for fabulous fashion. While perusing recent fashion editorials from various magazines, I noticed that many of the trends and styles represented in those glossy pages harken back to days of yore. A time in which Street Scene is very well-versed. Thus, I was inspired to share with you three images I found that could easily be reinterpreted with vintage items found at yours truly's store.

The first is an editorial that focused entirely on the color pink, a shade I'd never given too much time to, but as evidenced below, it can be much more daring than it seems at first.

The 60's coat is actually a neon magenta, a really beautiful color that plays well against the soft pink of the two-piece knit suit from the 60's. Throw in some jewelry and accessories and you've got a look that will turn heads! 

The second image that caught my attention was one that imbued chic clothes with personality (and a cute dog!)

 Our long-line coat from the 50's could be a dead ringer for the one used in the editorial. And through we don't have a black skirt, we do have a fabulous mint skirt with black bow flocking! The bow belt cinches the waist for a flattering figure and a menswear hat tops off the outfit with unexpected panache. 

Finally, as many may have noticed, grunge is back in full swing! As seen in the below photo, mixing plaids and textures with a laid-back vibe is both cool and easy. 

We took our most punk red plaid pants, threw on a clashing plaid shirt over a hilarious dinosaur shirt and topped it all off with a relaxed jean jacket, Ferarri brand sunglasses and black woven leather booties.


As you can see, high end fashion isn't only for those with overflowing pocketbooks! With a little imagination, you can always take what you see in the magazines and tweak it to work for you with more unique, vintage pieces!

Price List:
Pretty in Pink:                                         Chic Saturday:                                  Grunge:
Magenta Coat: $35                                Black Suit: $60                                   Denim jacket: $25
Knit Suit: $40                                          Flocked Skirt: $75                             Plaid Shirt: $15
Necklace: $40                                         Bow Belt: $8                                       Dino T: $10
Brooch: $45                                            Beaded Gloves: $12                          Plaid Pants: $15
Clutch: $9                                               Cocktail Ring: $18                             Booties: $15
Shoes: $12                                              Hat: $60                                              Sunglasses: $15

Have a great weekend!

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