Friday, August 23, 2013

One Dress, Three Ways


There are few things this lady loves more than a graphic print: chocolate, Kurt Russell and the soundtrack to Josie and the Pussycats. And that's about it. So when we got this graphic floral print dress in a few weeks ago, my mind's been racing as to how I would style it (I tried it on and these hips don't lie: the dress don't fit). So, you lucky people get the brunt of my imaginings and thus I give to you three ways in which I would style this fabulous dress.
Sheer Graphic Dress: $18 

Look One: Work

This dress can't be worn to every workplace, but for those with a little leeway for expression - this outfit is for you! This graphic print of the dress has touches of red in it which is complemented by this chic double-breasted red blazer. Kicking it up a fashionable notch, I've paired the dress with a leopard belt and a classic pair of black silk pumps. I wouldn't wear too much jewelry for work, so I've paired our outfit with a simple gold bow chain necklace and one wrist to carry this sleek gold watch and gold bamboo clamp bracelet with black bead. Finally, I'd finish this off with a high, kicky ponytail and a pair of glasses (any style goes these days!).

 Red blazer: $16, belt: $8, necklace: $14, bracelet: $12, watch: $15 and pumps: $12

Look Two: Night Out

Just because we've got  a dress on our hands doesn't mean we can't get creative! Instead of wearing the dress as-is, I'd pair it with a kick butt black leather skirt. The belt is an adjustable black suede with one awesome and ornate gold and black buckle. These strappy black patent heels have gold accents in them, so they pair perfectly (and aren't so tall you'll be hobbling around all night). I love this textured black clutch which is both classic and visually interesting. I'd rock this outfit with an armful of black bangles and long gold earrings. Finally, I'd do a deep part on one side (to show off those earrings) with 40's-inspired waves and a bold red lip to take on the night!

 Leather skirt: $18, Belt: $15, Heels: $12, Clutch: $16, bangles: $4-5, earrings: $6

Look Three: Days Off

For the final look, I'd really let the dress sing. No cinching the waist with a belt, I'd let the dress hang free for a relaxed vibe. To add to the relaxed vibe I'd match the dress with slouchy blue leather ankle boots with a minimal heel (comfort is key on our days off, amiright?) and a light brown leather sunburst design purse for all the things I haul around with me. Depending on the weather, this panama hat is a classic go-to when you don't want to worry about your hair. These great sunglasses are 80's tortoise deadstock and great for any occasion. This simple, long gold leaf pendant necklace is the epitome of easy and chic and then I'd throw on all sorts of knuckle rings for every finger (pictured are ridged rings, a bow ring, a double ring and a spiked ring)! Tie your hair in a loose braid and skip the makeup entirely!

 Panama hat: $38, booties: $20, purse: $24, sunglasses: $10, necklace: $15, rings: $4 -7.50

But that's just how I would style it - there are a million more variations that could work for various body types and senses of style. Below are a few other really wonderful floral print dresses that could be reworked for any wardrobe!

Until next time! Have a great weekend!


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