Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pup Parade!

I think we can all agree that dogs are the best pets of all time. In fact I love dogs so much, I just added another pup to the family!  Meet little Hank, the new brother to my 2 year old lab mix, Dixie Belle!

If there's one type of vintage item I really can't resist, it would be just about anything with a dog (especially a poodle!).  I have never had a poodle, and I don't plan on ever having one, but they were such a symbol of glamour and so prevalent in vintage culture that I just love collecting them!  Today I started searching for vintage dog photos, and began to come across all kinds of fun items, pictures, posters, and more!  Here are some of my favorite vintage dog finds:

 via Pinterest
I love the graphic images on these vintage dachshund playing cards!

 via Pinterest
A vintage dog bowl collection! I didn't even know this was possible! Time to start hunting for some of these!

 via Katie Did
Vintage dog collar collection!  Each one is so intricate and special!

 1930's dog photograph!

 This artist custom illustrates your home with your pet!  What a great housewarming gift!

 via Etsy
Stunning vintage blouse with poodles and scotties! 

 Amazing reupholstered french provincial chairs with dachshund graphic fabric!

Greyhounds were the epitome of glamour and elegance in the 1940s.

 Cavallini dog print wrapping paper- we sell this here at Street Scene!

Love these beautiful vintage dog trophies!
I love to find vintage fashion photos with dogs!
via Etsy
I just love the style and message of this print! So cute!
Vintage dog print blouse!

 via Pinterest
Vintage ad with a poodle!

 via Pinterest
I love that her outfit matches her dog!

  via Etsy
Adorable vintage tea towel with dog illustration!

Another chic fashion photo!

 via Pinterest
If only that wallpaper were real!
 via Indulgy
Vintage dog and owner portrait

 Vintage pattern for dog jackets and collars!

love this adorable dog print fabric featuring all different breeds!

Handmade bracelet full of vintage dog charms!
 via Etsy
Dacschund vintage sweater!

 via Flickr
 Tons of vintage greeting cards featured poodle illustrations!

 via Etsy
 Vintage dog lamp- poodle lamps were also very popular!

 Dacschund cocktail napkins!

vintage dog family photo

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