Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vintage DIY: Sheer Hems and Trims

Ever since I completed my first sheer skirt project a few weeks ago, my mind has been filling up with ideas for other similar DIY projects. Today I'm going to share a few more of my projects that stemmed from the DIY sheer panel skirt that I shared a few weeks back.   For both projects I used a beautiful remnant of vintage sheer light pink fabric that we found to use on our sewing projects.  The fabric has gorgeous details including intricate scalloped edges on both sides.   

My first idea for using the fabric was similar to my DIY sheer panel skirt, but instead of putting the sheer panel in the middle of the skirt, I wanted to try putting it on the bottom along the hem.  I thought this would work especially well with this piece of vintage fabric because I could show off the pretty scalloped hem (and having that finished edge means less sewing for me!).   

Sheer Hem Skirt- Inspiration Pieces:

Sheer Hem Skirt How-To:
I started with a below-the-knee straight skirt.  I cut it off to make it a little shorter and more modern, and then hemmed the edge for a clean line.  Next I lined up my vintage fabric with the hem and cut the correct length of vintage fabric to wrap around the hem.  I decided to cut the fabric width wise so that a few inches of sheer material were showing at the bottom, but you could adjust this however you wanted.  Finally just line up your fabric with the hem of the skirt and sew a seam to attach them together, being careful to keep it lined up straight the whole time.  You may want to pin it along the hem first to make sure you like the length, and to help you keep it straight.
Sheer hem skirt-$24; mauve tank- $9; tortoise chunky chain necklace-$18; purse-$10

Next I got the idea to use the fabric as trim on a pair of shorts!  I planned on using just plain  jean cut-offs, but happened to find an adorable pair of floral shorts that matched the pink of the fabric perfectly!

Sheer Trim Shorts- Inspiration Pieces:

The shorts were even easier than the skirts in my opinion!  These shorts were originally long and billowy 80s mom style, so I cut them off and hemmed them to make them a little shorter and more youthful.  Next I lined up my fabric with the hem of each leg and cut the proper amount to go around the inside of each leg.  Since I decided just to have the scalloped trim of the fabric showing, I also cut the fabric width wise so it was only about 2 inches wide total. You could also use ribbons or trims for this project and they would already be the perfect width! Next I lined up the fabric with the hem, beginning on the side seam of the shorts, and sewed a straight seam to attach it all around the hem.  I repeated the exact same process on the other side. 
floral print shorts with sheer trim-$18; brown tee crop top-$15; collar necklace- $28; purse- $10


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