Tuesday, September 24, 2013

DIY Decorated Pumpkins

Whether you go all-out with your fall decor or not, it is necessary to purchase just a few pumpkins to get into the holiday spirit.  There are so many creative ideas now that go beyond the classic jack-o-lantern carving.  If you want to skip the mess of carving your pumpkins, try some of these easy DIY projects below for a new twist on your pumpkin decor.  You can even custom decorate your pumpkins to match any space and color scheme! 
I love anything faux bois especially in metallics! Just use a paint pen and copy the wood grain pattern!

Covering your pumpkin with glitter is an easy way to add a touch of glam to any space!   Create cute banners by inserting a stake into each side of your pumpkin and draping the letters in between!  You can purchase ready-made lettering or cut out your own if you are feeling extra creative!

I love the look of these ultra-bright pumpkins!  Try an ombre pumpkin or geometric patterns with super bold hues.

The least messy method of all!  Create a studded metallic look using thumbtacks!  You can arrange them to make letters, words, shapes, or just do simple patterns.

Use spray paint to create simple and solid metallic pumpkins- always a chic addition to any fall decor.

You can modge podge just about any paper onto a pumpkin!  I especially love this all black and white bug print for a spooky Halloween look!

Super minimalist painted pumpkins are a great addition to any modern space!

Another minimalist look but with super bright colors- color block pumpkins!

Create this studded look with different size tacks and studs from your local hardware store or craft store!

 via Madigan Made
Cover an entire pumpkin with thumbtacks to achieve this luxe metallic look!
Another faux bois look in black and white!

Create this spooky tree look for Halloween using several pumpkins and some black paint on any shelf in your house!  

Glue + Confetti= glam confetti pumpkins!

For a more rustic look try clear modge podge with dried leaves, flowers, or branches!  I love the simplistic look and placement just around the stem.

Create a studded pumpkin tower- just click on the link above for the tutorial!

Solid pumpkins with a glitter-block stripe!

Love the chic look of all black, gold, and white!  You can create the grommet pumpkin by drilling holes and then simply sticking grommets from your hardware store into each hole.

Use different widths of painters tape to create fun chevron patterns on your pumpkins!

 Love this unique ikat patterned pumpkin especially when paired with the bright and bold chevron!

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