Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No rules here...

I've said it before and I will say it again: I don't believe in rules. Wait, well, I DO believe in rules. Let me clarify, I don't believe in style rules. At all. I know most people are moving over to this train of thought, but we just really need to own whatever we are doing. Since we just faced Labor Day, I'm going to talk a bit about how to wear white every single day ever, regardless of if Labor Day just passed us by or not. 

Also, I'm going to talk about one of the most important fashion issues of all time: tennis shoes as more than workout shoes. Listen, its time we all just own up to the fact that tennis shoes are awesome, and YES they can look awesome with jeans, dresses, leather pants. As a woman that wears a pair of Nikes at least 30-50% of every day, I think its imperative that more woman can easily transition from their daily run, to an outting to the museum, or a date.

First, lets start with the white clothing. White is always, always chic. If you're like me,however, to keep that white looking super chic, I seriously take off any white clothes when eating things like pasta, ice cream, or any other delicious food that would find its way on my top or pants. This step is crucial. Next, no amount of white is too much white. I will post a few head to toe white looks. Its the best. It works for a date, for work, for lounging around your house. White, much like black, allows for you to wear that one statement piece that you are always hesitant on because its 'too busy'. Accept that white just may be your next go to color, or lack thereof. Lets take a look! All photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Okay. Now on the meaty issue. Listen, the people at Nike don't sit around and create the most aesthetically pleasing shoe ONLY to be worn during a tough work out session. The shoe (any brand will do, but I'm a bit biased with Nike) was meant to be not only workout chic, but also casual/dressy chic. Don't fight it. Need help on how to incorporate a tennis shoe into your wardrobe? Heres a few tips. A black tennis shoe is always a good option with a chic outfit. Pair a black tennis shoe with leather pants, neutral tops and some gold accessories  Boom. Perfect outfit. Or, pair a black/single color shoe with a busy outfit. It works both ways! Fashion! If you've got a patterned shoe, pair it with basics, or pair it with the busiest outfit you can put together. I mean it! Fashion is exactly what you make it to be, so do what you do. Anyway, nothing is more awesome than a great patterned tennis shoe. For example, Nike has paired up with Liberty of London, and is releasing some GREAT work. I'll feature Nike's Roshe Run with Liberty of London fabric on it first. Take a look at these photos and be inspired! 

Yes. Those are Nike Roshe Runs AND an Alexander Wang bag. Nailed it.

I hope that you all felt some inspiration in there! I really love all the options for white AND shoes that I posted. Do any of you out there 'break' fashion rules? I want to hear about it! Now, go out and buy some white palazzo pants, and a pair of Nikes. Do it!

Until next time...


  1. Love it. The days of having arthritis because you insisted on wearing heels are gone. Just make sure the tennis shoes are cute! I was surprised when I went to Buenos Aires, and SO MANY people were wearing tennis shoes. Rome... not so much. Stilettos on rocky pavement? What?

  2. Elizabeth!

    We always think the right tennis shoes are chic! Heels are so beautiful, but sometimes, you just CAN'T do it. So glad we have a fellow lover of the tennis shoe.