Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{Home Decor Trends:} Layered Rugs

One of the latest home decor trends that I have been dying to try is the new layered rug look.  This is super easy to put together and also a great option for vintage rugs that come in unconventional sizes.  Start with a relatively flat neutral rug in a large enough size to cover a good amount of your space.  Next choose your statement rug, or rugs, for layering- these can be in bright colors and prints and just about any size will work.  The most difficult part is deciding how to arrange your rugs: depending on the layout of your space, it might be centered under a coffee table or dining table, angled diagonally, or strategically stacked with another printed rug.  The most important part of this decorating trend is to not take it too seriously, don't be afraid to mix and match prints, and try unique layouts.  Here are some inspiration photos to get you started:

a cozy neutral space with striking layered rugs- a large classic flat-weave jute rug is a perfect way to get started on your rug layering.  It will match with everything and is a staple that you can use in many rooms for years to come.

 via Pinterest
When mixing and matching prints, scale is the most important thing to keep in mind.  The giant striped print of the top rug works perfectly with a tiny gray and black woven print of the bottom rug.

I love this bohemian chic dining space!  Everything is clean and neutral, except for the fun and bright printed rug.  

Here's a great example of how to layer a couple of rugs of similar size side by side.

A great way to use smaller rugs to create that area rug look.  Choose coordinating colors and prints and strategically layer in front of a couch.

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Cowhide is a great layering option because it is relatively heavy and will sit flat on top of other rugs.  I love how it looks paired with stripes in the chic neutral space above!

Another example of cowhide mixed with stripes in a super bright and glamorous space!

 via Pinterest
Even runners can be used in layering and look great under long coffee tables in front of a couch!

 via Pinterest

A unique off-centered layout for a combined living/dining room space- i love the mix of cowhide with a traditional oriental style rug.

Sheepskin is the perfect cozy and lush-looking layering piece for anywhere in your home!  This bedroom is triple-stacked with sheepskin, a bright oriental print rug, and a classic neutral woven area rug. 

A dreamy open dining space filled to the brim with layered printed rugs!

I love the bright pops of color and print these layered looks add to otherwise neutral spaces.

Layered rugs also look great in all neutral tones for a more natural and rustic look!

via Honestly WTF
Go all out with prints all over the room for an over-the-top bohemian look, or keep everything super minimal except for the rugs for a super modern feel.


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