Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Decor: What's Your Style? Part 1

Once again, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Many of you may have already started your Christmas decorating since Thanksgiving falls a bit late this year, but I tend to be a stickler for the "wait until after Thanksgiving" rule.  Here at Street Scene, we love to decorate our ENTIRE store for the Holidays so that we can showcase tons of different themes and color schemes.  I take the same approach when decorating my own home for Christmas. There are just too many holiday decor themes to choose from, so I don't choose just one, and each room ends up having its own look! While starting my own Christmas decorating plans I started narrowing down some of my favorite Christmas decor themes.  I'm going to spend the next few weeks showcasing some of my favorites with lots of inspiration photos for each.  Take a look and maybe you will be inspired to shake up your Christmas decor a little this year, or even add something new to your tried and true holiday themes. 

An Old Fashioned Christmas

A somewhat traditional Christmas room is always a must for me, but there are even different variations to choose from within the traditional Christmas realm.  Whether your style is an all out vintage-retro theme, more woodland and nature inspired, or elegant and modern with touches of metallic, this red and green themed room tends to be the gathering place for family events and holiday parties.  I like to make this room extra cozy and family-friendly by adding some homemade holiday touches whether its handmade stockings, chalkboard signs with favorite quotes or verses, crafty garlands, or candles and homemade scents.

 via 79 Ideas

Merry and BRIGHT!

This is a fun twist on holiday decor that is perfect for a formal living room, kid's room, or kitchen!  If you already have a room in your home that has pastel/bright colors, it is super easy to just add a few Christmas accessories for a sparkly holiday touch!  Whether you tend to stick with sweet, pale pastels or punch it up with neons and brights, this is sure to be the most eye-catching room of the house!

 via Casa Sugar

 via Casa Sugar

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Dreamin' of a White Christmas

There is something so beautiful and elegant about an all-white Christmas room.  This is ideal for a formal dining room, family room, or porch decor.  Try to stick to all neutrals for this space but add plenty of holiday greenery for a fresh touch.   I especially love to add a rustic style to these rooms by adding natural elements like pinecones, sticks, and logs.  This will surely be the most calm and relaxing space in your home.  

via the Decorologist

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