Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Decor: What's Your Style Pt. 2

I'm wrapping up my series on Holiday Decor with two more fresh and eclectic Christmas decorating styles.  Be sure to catch up by reading part 1 here, and hopefully you'll be inspired to try some new styles during your holiday decorating this year!
Minimalist and Modern
This is perfect for people who usually don't put up much decor and like to keep everything super clean and modern.  By just adding a few simple touches, like a Christmas tree, branches, simple banner, or geometric ornaments,  you can add a cozy holiday feel to your space.   There are plenty of great ideas for more modern, alternative Christmas trees as well whether you use a jar with branches, artwork on the wall, or build your own from repurposed materials!


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Modern Printable Advent Calendar via Crafstorming

Holiday Glam
Just about as far away as you can get from modern and minimalist is a super girly and glam holiday decorating style!  Plenty of gold, glitter, and pastels make these spaces perfect for girly get-togethers and holiday parties.  Go over the top with bright colors, patterns, and lots of sparkle!

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  1. I really want my whole living room to be that third girly one. Glam it up please.