Monday, November 11, 2013

If I Could Only Bee a Fly on the Wall

      Kathy Webb is nothing short of genius in my book. We have loved her and her art since day one here at Street Scene! We have had a variety of her work in the store over the years, but we have never gone long without at least one of her stuffed "flies on a wall". Her work is clever, beautiful, and wonderfully unique, and it is high time we celebrate her contribution to our store! 
      Several years ago we had some of her large scale vinyl paintings that made me adore her even more. Kathy is impossibly sweet, so when I saw her giant depiction of Siegfried and Roy being mauled by their white tiger I was overjoyed with her twisted sense of humor! The blood was red sequined fabric!!! Kathy graduated from Murray State University with a BFA in sculpture, but fell in love with her staple gun while working at a drapery shop...and the rest is history. She told me that she likes making her mixed media pictures because she just doesn't have the patience to wait for paint to dry. I'm so glad she found that staple gun and lost her patience so we can enjoy her charming work. Let's take a look...

An example of the original "fly on a wall" $45
Small Fuzzy Bees $38
Small Fuzzy Bee $38
Bar Flies & Fly Girls $49
Fly Girl $49
Bar Fly $49
Black Cats $49
Black Cat $49

Please come by the store and check out her work in person, the pictures really don't do the texture justice. And consider one of her affordable pieces this holiday season...I know I would be ecstatic to find one of her creations under my tree!

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