Monday, November 18, 2013


    There is much debate in our Street Scene house about when we are allowed to begin playing Christmas music. Some of us are strict followers of the "not a moment before thanksgiving" rule, and others would listen to it all year long if they could. I'm normally an after Thanksgiving kind of girl, but this year Thanksgiving falls late and is robbing me of an extra week of Christmas joy, so I've thrown in the towel, stopped resisting, and given in to MIXMAS 2013. We all know where to turn for all day, everyday christmas treats...MIX 94.5. If it weren't for that John Tesh with his dang "Intelligence for your Life" I would listen to it all day, but he rubs me the wrong way. Although...I do like him a little more, now that I've seen this picture...

When you're finished giggling at the O.G. J.T. consider looking up the songs on my top 10 list of bomb diggity Christmas tunes...

10. Haendel: Messiah
-I have to listen to it at least once a season. Who doesn't love a boys choir?

9. Carol of the Bells
-I can't help it, I love that song. We sang it in middle school while playing the was very impressive.

8. Paul Mccartney: Wonderful Christmas Time
-Yes, this song is annoying, but it creeps up on me every time. Also, the video is incredible.

7. Silent Night
-Gives. Me. Goosebumps.

6.White Christmas: Snow
-I still watch the bootleg VHS copy of White Christmas that parent's recorded every year. You know it's old because the Pepsi Billy Crystal commercials are on it. When they sing "Snow" on the train the world seems like a perfect place to me.

5. Carpenters: Merry Christmas Darling
-The Carpenters Christmas album is flawless, the entire thing is good, but "Merry Christmas Darling" is the star of the show. Karen's voice just breaks my heart.

4. Johnny Preston: I want a Rock and Roll Guitar
-I had never heard this song until I started working at Street Scene. We tend to collect some strange soundtracks that can be a mixed bag, but this song is a true Christmas miracle!

3. Joni Mitchell : River
-One day last year I think I listened to every single different version of this song that exists...and it's been covered A LOT! Other than Joni's, the clear winner is Robert Downey Jr's rendition originally performed on Ally McBeal. That episode was soooooo goooood.

2. Dolly Parton: Hard Candy Christmas
-As seen in Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. It's like she knows my innermost feelings. Like every great song it features some sweet dramatic key changes!

1. Judy Garland: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
-You can't mess with the best. Meet Me in St. Louis is filled with stand out performances, but when Judy sings to little Tootie everything disappears. If you have never seen this you are in for such a special treat, get ready for your heart to grow a minimum of three sizes.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas music as much as I am! Look forward to hearing these classics in the store AFTER Thanksgiving, until then you'll have to turn on MixMas!

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