Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Year's Eve: Four Looks, One Night

If you all are at all like me, you have a closet full of awesome clothes and either a. no place to wear them or b. when you look in your closet it doesn't seem like you have an awesome wardrobe and it's time to buy new things to spice it up. I believe I fall into both categories and I'm never so reminded of category b as when it's time to find an outfit for New Year's Eve. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of NYE. I feel like it is always a bunch of hype for a big let down. People have these huge ideas of what they want their night to be and make these grandiose plans, only to get to a bar with a  huge cover, a bar that's too crowded, a party that's either too tame/crazy and or let's just say someone in their party started the celebration a little too early...and it's just not quite how they had envisioned their night.

That being said, I love getting dressed up for New Year's. I generally don't have many fancy occasions throughout the year and yet because I'm a magpie and love anything and everything sequined, I have a bevy of items that rarely get to see the light of day (or night). To me, New Year's is the night to go bigger and bolder so the more colorful, feathered, fringed, leathered, silked and sequined you are, the better in my book.

With that in mind, I've been casually eyeing quite a few pieces here at Street Scene that would really help me make a statement, so I've thrown together a few different outfits for your big night so that even if everything else goes wrong, you'll be looking all right.

Look 1: Prim and proper
          This kelly green brocade dress is just the most beautiful and perfect party dress for the New Year's party if you want to be the girl who doesn't need to show a lot of skin to turn heads. The dress is fitted in the bust and floats out at the waist, making it a universally flattering shape. Throw in a extra pop of color in a purple velvet clutch and a classic rhinestone necklace and you've got a look that would make Betty Draper green with envy.

Look 2: Boho 

     If dressing in sequins and bright colors makes you a little queasy, this outfit is for you! This hunter green tweed shell top is to die for and is still super festive when paired with a chic pair of camel high waisted wide-legged jeans. Just add a wide leather belt to cinch your waist, a pop of metallic in a big gold necklace and an adorable brown woven clutch, and your night will be both stylish, laid-back and exceedingly comfortable.

Look 3: Party Monster
           This is about as quintessentially New Year's as you can get - and I love it! This pink sequin bodycon dress has a sequined leopard print, which is both subtle and totally in your face with its bright colors! With a dress like this, you don't need accessories that fight with it, so a red velvet clutch plays off the color scheme and giant black beaded and rhinestone earrings give just enough sparkle by the face. Seriously, though, this dress is made for a wild night out, and what better night than New Years?

Look 4: High Gloss
          This is probably my favorite look of the four because this is what I would wear in my fantasy world, where I get invited to galas instead of house parties. Sigh...a girl can dream. If nothing else, at least in my fantasy world I get to wear this amazing black silk satin jumpsuit. With a high neckline, fitted bodice and gloriously wide palazzo pants, this jumpsuit was made for high drama. Add a silver mesh belt and matching mesh clutch, red glossy lips, slicked back ponytail and this fabulous white faux fur coat, and sister, you're ready for a night of champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

And there you have it! It was extremely hard for me to just style four outfits because we have so many great festive items in right now, so we've set up a rack of New Years clothes and are always on hand to help you accessorize! Regardless of your outfit or plans, we at Street Scene hope you have a wonderful and super safe night ringing in the new year! 

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