Monday, December 30, 2013

Street Scene: A year in review

A year in review:
     This year Street Scene has seen people come and go in our family. I often tell customers as they are leaving that things are always changing in the store and that's no lie. We lost our precious Kate to that man of hers that stole her away to New York...Alex left us to pursue her field of study, like a real grown-up...And I went on a walkabout and came back because no one can stay away from Street Scene's gravitational pull. We love each other so much and we feel the loss greatly, but the wonderful thing is that we have a remarkable ability of making the best of anything we're given. Something that people are always saying is that every time they come in the store it looks different, which I think is the best compliment we could receive. As a shopper I know that there's nothing worse than stale merchandise. Nothing and everything is precious here. For me it is a wonderful lesson to accept change, and roll with it. Luckily, our friends (more like family) come to visit us and keep us in the loop. As I speak our long lost Rachel, one of our very first employees (and my bestie) is giving us the Big city latest and Kate blessed us with a visit earlier today. 
      This time of year we are also blessed to have our wonderful customers of past and present drop in on us to say hello! Y'all really are the very best, thanks for showing up! Getting to have personal relationships with our customers is what sets our retail experience apart...Point is, we love you! Thanks for giving us another great year! Make sure to come see us in 2014, who knows what surprises it has in store! 

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