Friday, December 13, 2013

Totally Cool Collars

We live together, we work together, we blog together.
This week John and I decided to collaborate on styling some of our favorite looks. We have focused on highlighting the incredible, diverse collared items we have in the store. They are too good to be true. Please enjoy for your drooling pleasure...

 Blue Button Up: $18 Blazer: $30
 This swinging 60's look belongs on a man with beautiful blue eyes and a skinny neck. I can't decide which collar is better, the shirt or the jacket.

 Tux Shirt: $16  Sweater Vest: $10 Blazer: $18 Bolo Tie: $15
 A modern twist on Ducky's signature look. Don't wait for a black-tie event to sport a tux collar. 

 Sexy Man Collared Sweater: $16 Red Cardigan: $16 Hooded Scarf: $12 
Leather Pouch: $18

 Blouse: $12 Sweater: $16 Skirt: $10 Necklace: $12
 This white collared blouse could be worn a million ways...under a dress, layered up, or just with jeans, you can't go wrong. 

 Leopard Blouse: $15 Rose Sweater: $12 Leather Skirt: $18 Long Necklace: $15 
Geometric Necklace: $21
 Dang, that girl looks cool. Leopard is a neutral for me, so I know I could find a way to wear this blouse once a week.

 Dress: $26 Mouton Fur Cape: $64 Broach: $14
 The best holiday outfit. The collar on this poly dress is perfection.

 Blouse: $12 Sweater Vest: $12 Suede Mini Skirt: $28 Broach: $12
 A Peter Pan collar is the unsung hero of collars. This blouse is that magic color that looks beautiful on everyone.

 Blouse: $15 Pants: $20 Belt: $10 Necklace: $15
This blouse is superior to all other blouses. It's got everything going for it, including a bat wing sleeve.

Cara & John

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