Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vintage Holiday Party Outfits

     Thanks to Emma's post on Tuesday, we're all revved up with inspiration to tackle the rest of our holiday parties, right? Eh? Yeah, me either. To be totally honest, I haven't had the chance to think about shopping for holiday parties, let alone have a day where I could bounce from store to store or online store to online store. Thus, the beauty of working at Street Scene: all I need is constantly at my fingertips, and yours, too! Below, myself and our new intern, the wonderful Anna, have put together a variety of outfits that will last you to New Years (we've got a whole other slew of outfits for that night coming next week).

Without further ado, all you'll need for your holiday fetes...

1. At the office
          This outfit is perfect for a day at the office during the holiday season. Anna topped the awesome navy and hunter green plaid wide-legged pants with a chic little white silk blouse, a mink fur collar in lieu of a necklace and a pop of holiday color with a lovely red leather bag! Office-appropriate and head-turning in one outfit.

2. Meeting the parents
             Though meeting the parents of a significant other can be a sticky situation (at best, sometimes), having an adorable outfit that boosts your confidence in the face of a barrage of questions is never a bad move. This cute little plaid dress is bold enough with its color and print but understated enough in silhouette that it perfectly walks that line between going to far and looking too prim. The over-the-knee suede boots could tip you into naughty-town but thanks to the length of the dress, the boots allow you to be more covered up but still chic as hell. Throw in a little black curly lamb muff and you'll make a great impression from just one look.

3. Office Party
        Aside from making sure you don't drink too much (and singing one too many karaoke songs), a good rule of thumb for any office party is knowing how much to cover up. This metallic thread dress is definitely a mini, but the accessories keep it from being too showy. With a pair of opaque tights, the low kitten heels are comfortable enough you can dance all night. The fur wrap is excellent for showing your bosses you're doing well but not so well that you couldn't use that holiday bonus...and the lucite clutch needs no explanation. it. is. incredible.

4. The Ex Sighting Party
            It's almost inevitable. At some holiday party or another, you know you'll have a run-in with an ex. Sure, you're probably still friends and there is no reason you need to prove your worth to them any more. But doesn't it feel good to know you look good? This outfit Anna put together is just that. This red velvet shift dress is va-va-voom enough to catch someone's attention but not so much as to scream for it. Throw on a classy dark brown faux fur and a gold purse and you'll enter and leave the party feeling like a million bucks.

5. Cocktails with Friends
          This is probably the most fun party to dress up for since there really are no rules and you're just hitting the town with your favorite people, eating, drinking and being a crap load of merry. You can go all out and even dress over-the-top because, who cares? It's just you and your ladies tonight. This adorable turquoise dress is flirty in color and also with its silver sequin empire waist. With silver sequin shoes, a silver rhinestone purse and a rhinestone ring-to-bracelet jewelry, you're out to kick your feet up and blind everyone in the process.

 6. Holiday Gallery Show
            The best part about dressing for any art opening is that you can always dress a little more eccentric. I always like to think of a character and then dress - and act - accordingly (with this outfit I went very boho). These silk floral harem pants are insanely fantastic when paired with a chic, structured cream silk top. Throw on a thick gold choker, a fur coat and some heels and you'll still not be the most crazy dressed person there, but you'll definitely stand apart - in a good way.

 Even if you're already done with all of your holiday parties (you lucky, dog), there are beautiful pieces to be found in the store that would elevate your outfits throughout the year! And don't forget we've got a 20% off coupon for the rest of the month, so just print it out and bring it in!

Happy Holiday shopping!

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  1. Wow, I am in love with all these vintage party decoration ideas. Thanks a ton for these inspirations. One of my friends will be hosting a fun Vintage themed bachelorette bash quite soon at local party venue NYC. So was in need of some practical ideas for the party attire. Would like to have second one for her bachelorette.