Friday, January 17, 2014

An Ode to the Silver Envelope Clutch

Oh, the envelope clutch. A classic style that's been around for ages, these bad boys are minimalist, chic and hold all your goodies: a true wardrobe warrior. What, then, do you do when into the store waltzes a silver. metallic. oversized. envelope clutch? You freak out! Just as I did when I saw this beauty and you dream in your head a million different outfit ideas to justify buying a fabulous silver. metallic. oversized. envelope clutch!

I know, I know, it seems pretty gaudy and generally loud when you picture it in your mind, but look! See how pretty it is?

Still not convinced, eh? Take a look at these street style mavens and how they style up their big silver clutches:

A pop of color in the blazer, distressed jeans, silver shoes and a basic white tee. Boom! Relaxed prep with edge.

Bold and bejeweled separates with clashing bracelets add even more fun to a metallic silver clutch.

A bright shoe, a black wedge and a neutral tee and there you have it! Polished bright suitwear.

Muted (yet tonal and textural) outfits that let use a metallic as just another neutral? Yes, please.

Wait, wait? You're still on the fence about this clutch? Okay, well let me show you how I would style it if I had my druthers. Normally I'm all about print mixing and the ladies in the street style photos who did that made the clutch sing. But for some reason I ended up styling three looks that are very muted, monochrome and 80s minimalist in order to really let the clutch sing.

The first look is dove grey on dove grey on dove grey and I love it! The turtleneck is a soft angora, the skirt a stiffer wool and the boots  a smoth suede, so even though the outfit is one color, the texture play is still interesting enough to elevate the look. Throw in a huge silver clutch and some reflective aviators and you've got a look that is super chic but simple.

This second outfit is more 80's power player with a touch of risque - and I love it! This blazer looks super short on the mannequin but on a shorter person would absolutely cover the bum. Want to add more 80's power house? Throw on a big gold necklace, a metal snake belt, a big silver cuff and of course, a silver clutch. Mixing metallics isn't taboo anymore, so the more the merrier! Need to cover up more? Add a white turtleneck or some white ankle-length jeans and you'll turn even more heads with your style.

The last look is pretty tough to mess up. An LBD can never go wrong and one with a trumpet hem is all kinds of flattering to your thighs and calves. This outfit really lets the clutch do all the talking while a silver link necklace mirrors the metallic touch.

Finally got you on board, didn't I? Well, if you're interested, we've got this silver clutch and a few more (a white leather, red leather and maroon suede) clutches that are just within your grasp!

Until the next incredible accessory is at the store!


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