Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Erykah Ba DO!

Today I just want to celebrate one of my favorite style icons, the always beautiful, ever changing, Erykah Badu. When someone  oozes with panache like her, the look is always effortless. Her style really is an extension of her creative and spiritual self, which makes this whole fashion thing not such a guilty pleasure. We must try our best not to misappropriate cultural and religious modes of dress, but I'm hoping it's acceptable to be inspired by them! 
I have always longed for the ability to pull off a giant head wrap like Erykah. Maybe one day I'll get it right, but for now, let's observe and absorb the magic of Miss Erykah Badu's headdress... 

NAILZZZZZZ. I would look like this every day if I could.
And if she wasn't fly enough for you yet, Erykah was recently named "the face" of GIVENCHY!!
This is from the Spring/Summer 2014 Givenchy Campaign. It is incredible. She is perfect.

If you're inspired by her fashion like I am, come in and buy yourself some pieces that will send you on your way...

Black Turtleneck Dress: $26
 I named this dress "Let's Hear It For the Thick Girls" because even though I have it pulled back nice and tight on this mannequin, it really belongs on a WO-MAN. Some nice curves are needed to fill this dress out! 

And on your way to the store listen to Tyrone...It will put you in the right head space!

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