Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm Anna, the new intern at Street Scene!

As I'm sure you've all realized by now, it is COLD outside. While many of you may be fortunate enough to stay holed up in your homes curled up in a blanket (or 5) next your fireplace, some of us have to face the below zero temperatures and ice-covered sidewalks and venture to our respective workplaces. To keep you from getting frostbite while still managing to avoid resembling a marshmallow, I have provided some outfit suggestions to help you survive the polar vortex that is freezing the nation.

Big boots are the perfect way to combat bad weather. When snow and ice is covering the ground, walking conditions become treacherous. With these babies, walking becomes smooth sailing, and your toes are able to stay nice and toasty. Paired with warm tights and thick socks, you won't even notice that it's below zero outside!

What better way to keep the cold away than a classic winter coat? While layering is certainly a good way to keep from freezing, there's nothing like a heavy coat to bundle around you when trudging through a winter storm. This number is extra heavy and even has a fur collar, which is perfect for when it's -3 degrees.

Another great way to stay stylish and warm is to add accessories. There's nothing worse than having your hair turn to icicles, so throw a hat on top of your 'do! It adds an element of fun and sophistication to an outfit, and keeps the bad hair days at bay.

The most important tip to stay warm in this weather is layer, layer, layer! In this outfit, I've paired a chunky sweater with a turtleneck, and thrown a jean jacket on top of it all. This outfit would look great with a huge scarf and knee-high boots, and of course gloves and a hat. Because this outfit isn't very bulky, you could layer a coat on top of it all to perfect the look.

While it's nearly impossible to completely avoid the cold weather, I've provided some ways to make it more bearable - and hopefully a little fun! 

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