Monday, January 20, 2014


While I always wish that I had the ability to mix prints, the harsh reality is that that particular styling skill does not come naturally to me. Though I wish I had the ability to pair wild prints together and pull it off flawlessly (like everyone else here at Street Scene!), my attempts typically end up looking more like a train wreck than a fabulously styled outfit. Because of this, I tend to lean in the complete opposite direction in terms of fashion. One favorite look of mine is the monochromatic outfit. It may seem like a boring concept, but if done the right way it can be beautiful and just as exciting as the wildest of prints. 

These women have obviously mastered the monochrome look, and you can too just as easily. By mixing various hues and textures (and adding a fabulous pair of shoes!), it's possible to bring a whole new life into just one color. 

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