Thursday, January 9, 2014

Show and Tell

Sometimes I just want to share some of the outfits I spend my time day dreaming about, like good old fashioned Show and Tell. When I'm shopping for myself I like to buy pieces that are versatile...items that can be dressed up or down, and ideally, can be layered to take me through all four seasons (I hate changing out my closet, and I have close to zero hang-up space). These are some of the looks we have in the store currently, featuring items I could throw into my mix and match rotation seamlessly.
So here, we go...

Sweatshirt: $18 Blouse: $9 Jeans: $18 Necklace: $8

This vintage sweatshirt is a dream come true! For those of us who aren't traditional UK blue fans, we still have an opportunity to show our Kentucky pride with this aqua and purple vintage sweatshirt. The purple flare jeans and sheer floral blouse ain't bad either...and you know I'm always a fan of a squash blossom!

 Black Swing Dress: $25 Blazer: $21 Scarf: $20 Belt: $8

This black swing dress is incredibly versatile. It's short sleeved and has a crew neck, so it's appropriate for all kinds of occasions and temperatures. It also looks as cute belted as it does loosey goosey, which makes it a super comfortable option (I know cause I have one exactly like it). And my I just say, dang-a-lang that's a good looking Oscar de la Renta scarf!

 Floral Dress: $24 Wrangler Jacket: $24 Necklace: $17.50

I'm totally obsessed with this dress. It also has short sleeves and a crew neck for your all occasion pleasure. Exciting extras include: sexy, but modest side slit, and ever so sheer fabric...m-e-o-w. And this Wrangler denim jacket could be worn with close to anything!

 Wool Suit (only jacket pictured): $35 Positano Suede Skirt: $28 Scarf: $

This beautiful wool jacket is only one half of a bawler suit we have. You can think of wearing it the way it was originally intended or consider it as a piece of outer wear, either way, you win! 

 Wool Suit (pants only pictured): $35 KY for KY crop top: $22 Wrangler Jacket: $24 Necklace: $15

  The incredible second half to the aforementioned suit. In these cold temps, I wish I had a pair of high-waisted lined wool pants. These guys are so fly, and would look just as amazing with a dressy sheer blouse tucked in. I know they're loud, but they are still capable of working with multiple looks

See, this Wrangler jacket really can be worn with anything!


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