Friday, February 28, 2014


I am sooooo ready for SUNSHINE! I have been fighting the winter doldrums with all my might, but I fear the cold is winning. I find myself closing my eyes and sighing when I find a little warm sun patch. I can deal with the cold temps, but the lack LIGHT is driving me insane. The hope of our new sunglasses is one of the only things getting me through this difficult time. I'm sharing several of my fav new styles, but believe me...there are so many more to choose from! Come in and getcha a new pair before the clouds part! All of these awesome styles are only $10, so maybe you can treat yo' self to several!

These polarized daddies are my #1 pick. Great for women or men.
(Yes, that's me taking these pictures in our office)
 Elvis. Elton.

For a more in depth look at my love of sunglasses refer to my previous blog...when I was a not-so-fresh-faced 26. ahhh the good ole days!

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