Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Magnificent Metals

One of my favorite design trends lately has been the surprising return of brass as a decorating staple.  Whether it be copper or brass, hammered or smooth, weathered or perfectly shiny, I love all types of these metal touches.  We typically think of brass as only appropriate for super glam and glossy spaces, but I love to mix it with more rustic and natural materials for an eclectic and chic look.  Copper is a little less feminine, a little more industrial, and a perfect way to add a bit of subtle shine to your space.  There are so many ways to test out this new trend in your own home: adding brass hardware to furniture, doors, or cabinets; trying a bold brass lamp with a modern shade; mixing brass or copper kitchenware in with your existing bar ware or kitchen tools; trying a brass side table, coffee table, or shelf; or opting for a chic brass light fixture over your dining table or work space.  Take a look at some of the inspirations below for more magnificent metals.

 via Ark Pad

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  1. Isn't that starburst hardware gorgeous? I took that photo at my cousin's wedding. I did a whole blog post (on my new website) on the house, if you're interested... http://thecasapino.com/blog/design-seriously-chic-hardware