Friday, March 28, 2014

Convertible Living

          The rumors are true...I got a new car! Well, you know new to me. I now have a cd player, I'm no longer afraid of being pulled over for noise pollution, I don't have to occasionally crawl through the trunk, and drumroll's a CONVERTIBLE!!! If there are any long term blog readers out there, you know this was a lifelong dream come true. Even though the weather has not totally turned the corner I have been finding any excuse to put that top down. If it is at least 55 degrees the top is going down with the windows up and heater on. It's all about quality of life, and when I get to ride to work or even just to the grocery store with the top down the world just seems like a better place. I can't be grumpy with all that Brittany Spears, Crossroads FREEDOM!!
      All that said, I need to work on my headscarf/sunglass game. I always loved the classic scarf and sunglasses convertible combo, but until now I never knew how entirely necessary they are. When I'm cruising down those country roads I am blinded by a tornado of hair in my face without some kind of hair thingy. I choose to op-out of the scrunchie and banana clip options and go for the timeless head scarf! (I haven't really done this yet, but I have big plans) Good thing I have Street Scene to keep all my vintage scarf and sunglass needs fulfilled! Allow me to share my favorite convertible style inspirations and show a few of in store options I plan on giving a try! 




 Does a bun and neckerchief count? sure.

 Headband Bow Scarf
 60's Equestrian Realness

 50's Sheer Scarf Little Edie

Turban Scarf

May I encourage you all to have fun with head scarfs and sunglasses this spring and summer, no need for the convertible, but if you want to have the full experience I'll be happy to take you for a spin!!