Friday, March 14, 2014

Kiss Me, I'm Irish.

Everybody knows...I love a PARADE! I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it, but I just can't stop myself! The St. Patrick's Day parade holds a very special place in my heart because I used to perform in it with my Irish Dancing group every year...yes it is true, as a child (more like pre-teen) I was an Irish dancer. As an adult I choose to responsibly (kinda) indulge in my the festivities and have a green pint or twelve. I'm known for bringing my own green food coloring to bars on this sacred day, it just bursts my bubble when they don't offer green beer. This year the parade starts at 1pm on Saturday, March 15th...TOMORROW! You can find me laying in a patch of clover in front of the old courthouse all day long, as pictured above. 
As usual my parade outfit is very important to me, but I don't go for a full costume like I do for 4th of July. I make sure to always have some green, but I don't feel the need to dress like a leprechaun. Here are a couple of my favorite St. Patty's appropriate looks we currently have in the store...

Shirt: $10  Necklace: $12  Butterfly Belt: $16  Maxi Skirt: $15

The print on this skirt is amazing and it's being pollinated as we speak by this beautiful butterfly belt. 
Maxi Halter Dress with Matching Shrug: $34 Butterfly Necklace: $6

This ensemble is just the best. Buy it and wear the shrug with all kinds of stuff!

Hope to see everyone in their green downtown tomorrow! Or go rogue and skip the green...maybe you want to get PINCHED!

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