Friday, April 11, 2014

High School Reunion

Senior Prom REALness.

Before reading, please start humming the funeral march quietly to yourself...

   My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend. I am feeling as much doom and gloom as one would expect. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited to see old friends and hoping to be pleasantly surprised by old not-so-good-friends. I went to a private Christian high school that enforced the painful dress code of khakis and a solid color collared shirt. There were all kinds of other specific regulations I won't bore you with, but as you can imagine I was always trying to buck that system. Not everyone feels oppressed by style limitations...i do. I tried patterned tights. I tried alternative textures and embellishments. I even got so bold as to try a hat or two. I was usually sent to the Principle's office for my fashion statements. Luckily the Vice Principle was a reasonable man who would always just say, "Cara, your different" and allow me to wear my rule breaking ensemble for the rest of the day, never to be seen again. 

     In preparation for the big reunion I can't stop thinking about how many of these people have never seen the real me at all. Between feeling stifled by a conservative environment and not being able to express myself through fashion, we're practically strangers. Well, this is my chance! I've got to get it right! We're doing a Keeneland thing then a night time bar thing, so I'll have two opportunities to dress to impress! I may not be able to show off my new bouncing baby (not to say I would want to) or dazzle with my doctorate (I got my 6 year BA it's cool), but I will dominate in the style category. Please Lord, give me at least that!!!!! 

As I would not want to ruin the surprise of my own fashion victories, I'd like to share outfits we have in the store that are headed in the direction I'm going...

Keeneland Look:

This 1950's dress is more than perfect for a day at the races. Some might say it's more appropriate for the Derby or at least a day in the clubhouse, but I say, go big or go home! I think I will be calling on my inner prime and proper diva to pull this look off...not my nature, but hopefully I can stay composed for one afternoon of salty dog drinking.

DA Club DA Club Look:

This ensemble hopefully reads "cool, sexy, modern, I don't care, I woke up like this". For a casual bar event I don't want to look like I'm arriving to a red carpet, but also not like I took too long of a greasy disco nap after Keeneland. Something like this leather mini with layered patterns and textures should do the job nicely.

Here's hoping the reunion goes well, and I come out the fashion queen! If anyone is dealing with the same reunion fashion crisis come by the store and let one of us help you find the perfect outfit!

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