Thursday, April 24, 2014

It Takes Two

...and I'm back! I hope it hasn't been too hard without me - did the days seem longer? Did the air seem colder? Did food lose all its flavor? Fear not, I'm here and ready to blog and all is sweet again.

Sadly, there's no cute way for me to segue into what I'd like to blog about, as it has absolutely nothing to do with my travels in Peru. So, without any transition, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite trends that's been going on for quite some time: two-piece matching outfits. Either in one solid color or in-your-face print, these sets were made to turn heads. Also, when purchasing matching sets you automatically get more than one outfit out of it! Their versatility and style factor is not to be overlooked. Luckily, Street Scene has so many adorable sets in that I just had to share them with you. Below are some street style photos so you can see matching sets in action and then below those I'll share some of my favorites in the store.

And here are some of the best sets ever that we've got in the store:

This tan embroidered set has the best details! The pom poms on the bottom of the top are to die for and the birds at the hem of the skirt are absolutely fabulous.

 This pink knit set is perfect for spring and can be mixed and matched with so many other items!

This linen geometric set is much more casual (pardon the wrinkles!) and definitely seems like something you could find at Steven Alan or Madewell.

This striped set is my favorite because you can show a little skin and have more fun with the bold stripes!


Skirt sets not your thing? This incredibly beautiful dress and jacket set sets my world on fire. The embroidery is one thing (the back of the jacket has it, as well) but I am such a sucker for one shoulder dresses. If you wore this to Derby you'd hands-down be the best dressed!

Et voila! We've got even more sets than I posted, so come on in and find your perfect matching pair of vintage goodness!

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