Friday, April 18, 2014

Tee Time.

     Girl, I've been doing this vintage t-shirt thing for a minute! A perfectly worn, thin vintage tee is worth its weight in gold. Of course, a good one is hard to come've got to put in some time with a tee to get it to that sweet spot! And who in their right mind would give it up after they've spent that many years loving it into softness!?! I have quite the vintage t-shirt collection and I wouldn't part with any of mine! Even the ones I don't wear much are too precious to throw out, so I just hoard them. The jewel of my collection is, as my Mother would say, "so thin you could read the Lord's prayer through it". It is just a white men's v-neck undershirt, but a friend put a vintage iron-on Native American Chief where the pocket would go. The day that t-shirt bites the dust will be a dark day indeed.

The coolest of kids from every generation have been wearing old t-shirts for decades. All of our favorite rock-n-roll icons have worn them slit and torn forever, we're just all trying to look as effortlessly cool as our hero's. Here at Street Scene we've been going t-shirt crazy! We have recently found some great vintage tees and have also started to alter some that needed a little TLC. Let's check out some totally kewl ways to wear the altered t-shirts we have in the store...

 The Mustang Lounge is or was most certainly a "gentleman's club", but dang, that's a good tee. 

 Nothing says cool like a Harley bike week tee.

 Who doesn't love the dynamic duo of George Strait & Reba!?!
 Reba is killing it.
 Hey, don't forget about me, I'm Lee Ann Womack! I'm just hanging out under your shorts...AHHHHHHHHH!
 Boys II Men ABC BBD. 
 Nothing quite sets a Boys II Men t-shirt off like a tri-tone braided herringbone necklace.
The back is even better! I love Michael Mccary's low, low notes and bawler cane so much!

Come grab yourself an awesome altered or vintage tee and make it your own!

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