Friday, May 2, 2014

Game of Telephone


   I've got the gift of gab. Ever since I graduated from pre-school speech therapy I haven't shut up. My Mother wakes up around 6 or 7am and gets on the horn immediately. I've often teased her for these early morning phone calls, but I'm realizing that I will be doing the same thing as soon as I start seeing this side of 7am. So many of my nearest and dearest relationships survive because of telecommunication. When your loved ones live 12 hours away, you're forced to get comfy on the why not do it in style!?!
I've always loved a novelty phone. Unfortunately, I don't have a landline, so I don't feel justified in starting an unusable collection. Let's drool over some of my favorite novelty phones and check out some of the great ones we just got in the store...

Classic cheeseburger phone. The flip open factor is what really pushes it over the edge.
Talk dirty to me. I've always wanted a classic kiss phone, and then I found these options...
You've got to have a lot of available counter space for this beauty! 
I deserve this.

Totally had one of these bad boys when I was a kid, but I didn't have a private line...thanks a lot Mom!

My cousins had a diet Coke phone and I was totally jelly.

French Fry Phone. Everybody wants a flip phone deep down. Why get a Razr when you could have this!?!

Owning a Garfield phone is on my bucket list. His sleepy little eyes just make me so happy.

Owning this Kermit phone must be like spotting a humpback whale or watching the aurora borealis. It's just an experience that stays with you. 

Every girl must dream of talking to her girlfriends on a phone like this. All that gossip must sound even juicer coming through that headset.

Phones we have in store:
We have our own awesome circle phone in cream for only $35
I'm obsessed with this '57 Chevy phone. My grandfather has the real deal, only butter cream yellow, rusting in his driveway right now. When I was little my great-grandmother would take us for rides to get I Can't Believe It's Yogurt in it. I felt like a movie star. I imagine I would feel that way again if I got to place a call on this beauty! $65
Well we know how I feel about convertibles and talking, so this is clearly my dream come true! Mustang phone: $50
And this winner! Pepsi truck phone: $50

Call the phone company, get yourself a landline, and then come buy yourself an awesome phone!

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