Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's All in the Details: Derby Earrings

I realize this post probably finds you with a fantastic, over-the-top (but totally stylish) outfit all ready for Derby. If, however, you are comme moi and barely just got around to buying your ticket, let alone even thought about what you're going to wear - this is for you! I won't be sharing my favorite dresses (though we have a whole rack of last-minute Derby dresses in store), I will be giving you a glimpse into some really incredible earrings we just got in the store that will easily take your outfit to the next level.

As a vintage jewelry collector, I am such a magpie (Maggie is an appropriate name for me then, eh?) and fall hard for anything rhinestone. That's why when we got these earrings, I knew I had to share and let my fellow shine-enthusiasts have a glimpse! Below are some sets of earrings I'd gladly build my Derby outfit around, so check 'em out and pop in the store for some serious bejeweled bliss.

Like I said before, we've got a whole rack of clothes for Derby, as well, so come on in and show those celebs how we Kentuckians can be just as stylish!

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