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I have always loved makeup, but bold lipstick is something I had to grow into. I remember when my mom let me go to the Clinique counter in Fayette Mall to buy my first real make up basics. They did a make over on me and I walked out with powder, blush, mascara, a lipstick, and of course, a free gift! I will never forget the name of my first lipstick, TenderHeart was the perfect shade for a first time lipstick wearer. It was kind of a dark nude, just barely there, but saturated enough to make me feel like a WOMAN.
They still sell it!
 At that stage in my makeup appreciation I thought bright colors were just for older women, probably because both of my Grandmother's were in a constant state of reapplication! Grandma Kitty wore a hot coral or pink so bright, it was like staring into the sun, and MeeMee wore a variety of shades also in the coral family. They would both pull their lipstick out as soon as a meal was over and use the tiny mirror in their lipstick case to reapply at the table. I loved watching them and now I do the exact same thing. I always paid attention to the way each woman in my life slowly shaped their lipstick into a variety of points. I still look for lipstick shapes, I think it's so funny that everyone does it differently, like a lipstick fingerprint. 
 Wearing lipstick was a big part of maturing for me. Leaving lipstick behind on a glass or on someone's cheek just has always been so feminine in my mind, not only do I love the way it looks, I also love the mood it puts me in. Now that I'm of full lipstick wearing age I take full advantage of all there is to offer. I mostly wear MAC cosmetic colors, which I have quite the collection of. One of my dream jobs is a lipstick (or fingernail polish) color namer, I would be great at it!! My favs are Rebel, Ruby Woo, Candy Yum Yum, and Cyber. I love pinks, oranges, purples, even black, but classic red will always win the day.
Let's check out some of my favorite lipstick inspiration (other than MeeMee and Grandma Kitty)...
Lucille Ball's unique lip shape made that orangy-red really pop!

 Classic beauty with classic red lips. Elizabeth Taylor has the most perfect lips of all time.
 A little darker red is great for night.
 A softer shade of innocents.
 She went there.
 Even in her later years her lipstick was always flawless.
 Can't forget about these hot pink pillows. Marilyn Monroe perfect.
Love these brick red lips with this hot pink dress. yum.
And finally...Bow Down.


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