Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Guide

I have to say, I think I got pretty lucky when it comes to moms. My ma is a sassy lady with stylish taste and a penchant for vintage and thrifting (she sends me pictures all the time of things I should have in my life). She's hilarious and giving and I'm glad I've got a day to celebrate her (though my brother and I try to do that more than once a year). It was easy to find her Mother's Day gift - at Street Scene, of course - but if you've been busy and haven't had time to shop or plain can't think of anything to get for your mama, never fear! I've compiled some items I think are super fun and will hopefully help in your search!

1. For the mom who knows she's the (pea)cock of the walk -
a matching pair of fabulous bejeweled peacock art

2. For the mom with a bright kitchen - 
a full set of 

3. For the mom whose first or last name starts with "L" and loves a nice cocktail at home - 
a set of 7 mercury glass tumblers emblazoned with a scripted "L"

4. For the mom with a green thumb -
beautifully packaged seeds!

5. For the mom with a good sense of humor and appreciates local art - 
"Barfly" and "Fly girl" vinyl canvases by local artist, Kathy Webb

6. For the DIY mom -
any number of fantastic drawer pulls

7. For the mom who loved "The Great Gatsby" - 
a minimal, art deco set of salt & pepper shakers and flour & sugar canisters

8. For the nautical mom - 
a set of blue and white sailboat glasses and ice bucket

9. For the mom who has to have her coffee in the morning -
a set of six demitasse cups and saucers with carrier, made by FireKing

10. For the mom who loves cookies, naps and wisdom - 
an adorable sleepy owl cookie jar!

11. For the mom who loves reading and also secretly wishes these were Daniel Day Lewis instead of the real Abe -
Abraham Lincoln bookends

12. For the glamorous mom who loves (or lives in) Florida - 
fabulous set of six gold leaf Florida-themed glasses

13. For the mom who loves entertaining - 
an insane swiveling clear Lucite chip and dip

14. For the mom who knows the importance of a signature scent - 
Tokyo Milk perfume!

15. For the mom who knows how to accessorize - 
bracelets! (or necklaces or rings or...) 

16. For the mom who likes to primp and give herself manicures - 
full marbled pink vanity set

 17. For the mom who knows good craftsmanship when she sees it and also loves purses - 
vintage purses!

Hopefully this helped somewhat in your search for the perfect gift! Regardless of gifts, though, let the grandma, mom, wife, sister, friend - any lady, really! - know how wonderful they are!

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