Thursday, May 15, 2014


      This is me with my Grandma Kitty on her screened in porch. She was a fabulous lady (as you can tell by her Vera dress) and she treated home making as an art form. She kept all of her things in pristine condition, so even though I was seeing them for the first time in the late 80's and early 90's her home was actually flawless 60's. When you went to Grandma Kitty's house there was ALWAYS a giant turkey in the fridge to cut off of for sandwiches, and these sandwiches were ALWAYS served on a pewter plate. She is definitely where I get my sense of luxury, after all, if it doesn't feel decadent you're doing it wrong! 
     Pewter home goods are just one of those everyday luxuries that make all the difference. When you pick up a pewter plate the weight is surprising, that heft is the feeling of quality. There are so many things to love about pewter. It can be flat or polished, and when it's polished you get the look of silver without the expense or tarnishing! It goes with absolutely every kind of design sensibility, so when you throw out your drapes and couch you can keep your candlesticks! Whether your home is contemporary or rustic pewter works. Consider investing in some pewter, it will last a lifetime. Check out some pewter inspiration and some of the pewter items we have in the store...

Pewter Inspiration:

Pewter In Store:

Pewter Mugs with ceramic inserts: $60

Davis Andersen Pewter Salad Servers: $28

Tiny Angry Pewter Clergy: $3

Funny Little Pewter Owl: $3

Cara + Grandma Kitty

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