Friday, May 9, 2014

Show me your TASSELS

     There's nothing better than a good tassel. I love for clothing to be dramatic and that feeling is most often created by moving parts and pieces. The way a long skirt floats behind you, or the way a circle skirt comes alive as you spin, a tassel has a life of it's own! So, I know fringe and tassels are two different things, but they're close enough cousins to discuss simultaneously. I first fell in love with fringe/tassels when I saw Muscle Beach Party as a little girl. I loved Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon, but I mostly loved the MUSCLES. I've always loved muscles. Anyway, when Candy Johnson, also known as the "Shimmy She-Devil", danced she could throw a man across the room with a twist of her hip! She wore incredible fringed outfits in all the Beach Party movies and went on to do the same as front lady for Candy and the Exciters. I wanted to be her. I want to be her. This showed me how your natural assets can be emphasized by the dramatics of wardrobe, child mind blown. I mean the song "I want Candy" was written about her. If fringe and tassels can help me on my life's pursuit to be a great muse like Candy, I'll wear them from head to toe! Good thing they're also beautiful and fashion forward! Let's check out some of my favorite tassel inspiration and see some of the best tassels we have in store...

 Candy Johnson
 Candy and her Exciters
 Earrings by Vivienne Westwood
Now that's a TASSEL!


Necklace: $22
 Multi-chain Necklace: $16
 Silver Chain Tassel Necklace: $15
 New Long Tassel Necklace: $32
 Tassel Earrings: $10
 Amazing Tassel Bracelet: $15
 Green Mini-Dress with Tassels: $38

 Tassel Loafers: $18
 Check Blouse with Tassel: $16

 Beautiful Blue Tassel Scarf: $10

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