Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vintage Sunglasses

It's sunny out there and hot, too boot, so what do you do? You find the most fabulous sunglasses in the land and wear them all summer. Or, if you're like me, you find about eight different pairs of sunglasses and keep them in rotation (because I have no self-control). We happen to have some extremely cute sunglasses in the store right now, true vintage and also vintage-inspired (which are only $12!). I'll be focusing on the vintage ones, as they often get overlooked, so please enjoy these photos of some extreme sunglasses and keep scrolling to see some fab ones we've got in the store!                #sunglasses #vintage#vintage #sunglassesVintage Sunglasses AdvertisementVogue, 1965 VINTAGE SUNGLASSES#vintage #sunglasses #fashion

Carole Lombard  #vintage #sunglasses  Get your retro sunglasses at
 #vintage #sunglasses #fashionStunning Sunning
And below are a few of the fabulous pairs of sunglasses we've got in the store now!

Light pink 60s sunglasses - $12

Brown plastic tortoise cut-out sunglasses - $15

80s Ferrari foldable sunglasses with case - $15

AMAZING 80s Fendi Sunglasses with case - $75

AND BONUS! - Fabulous silver cat-eye glasses for $30

So get ready for your summer in style with these vintage sunglasses!

- Mag

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