Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Full Spectrum

There's something so bold about wearing a color head-to-toe. A woman wearing monochromatic style is one not to be trifled with. Strength, confidence, and a superior understanding that dressing to make a statement can be as simple as one thing: color. And lots of it.

So, with a couple of cohorts, I ransacked the store to find chic, sweet, and wild monochromatic outfits to get you through the summer in style.

 //red top + pant set - $28//

//orange terry cloth + lace dress - $18//

//yellow silk top - $12/mustard mini skirt - $16/gold necklace - $25// 

//mint green dress - $32/necklace - $16//

//blue mini dress - $5/belt - $9//

//purple dress - $30//

//hot pink top - $15/hot pink skirt - $12//

 //tan mini dress - $26//

//white minimal dress - $20/bangles - $8 each// 

 //black crop top - $12/black pants - $15//

//Wedges worn throughout - $18/sunglasses - $12 each//

Styled by Maggie Lanham
Model & Asst. Stylist - Anna Coke
Photography - Madison Wathen


  1. Thanks so much! We've got a few other shoots being planned now, too, so we're excited to share them!