Thursday, June 26, 2014


 Today we put a pair of AMAZING Nike Roller Skates from the 70's out! These beauties are SUPER rare and fit my 7 1/2 foot perfectly! I wore them around the store for a good 20 minutes, hoping I would suddenly suprise myself with grace and fancy footwork, but no such luck. Just like when I went to Champ's Rollerdrome in elementary school (let's be real, high school too) I can pretty much only skate in a slow straight line. Putting those skates on reminded me of my interest in the art of "Roller Dance" and more specifically of the Roller Disco trend from the 1970's & 80's. I wish I had been a serious player of that movement...any excuse to wear thick, shimmery, flesh colored tights, count me in!!
 Since I've got Roller Disco on the brain let's look back at all the fun we missed...

 The Nike Skates that inspired me. These babies are incredible and can be yours for $225!

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 I want to go to there.

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Today I learned that Cher is also a Roller Skate enthusiast! Who knew?
 Your skates have to match your leotard, duh!

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Taking the sheer trend to another level. Matching outfits are cute.
Don't tempt Diana Ross with a good time! (These are the tights I want)
Hugh Hefner is looking pretty sexy in his all denim roller disco look!

Whatever it takes to sell Blue Jeans cologne.

Looking GOOD in that high-cut sequined leotard.

These bad boys are me in skate form.
Madonna does it.
And Beyonce KILLS IT.


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