Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Cocktail Recipes + Glasses

It's officially summertime which means that patio sitting and cocktail sipping are the order of the day! Though my usual go-to is a grapefruit gin and tonic, I came across so many excellent (and easy) cocktail recipes that I had to share. So I've compiled some of my favorites and added pictures of equally excellent cocktail sets we have in the store in which you can serve your refreshing beverages!

1. Fresh Peach Bellinis

                               Fresh Peach Bellinis
There are few things this gal (and Cara) love more than champagne and adding refreshing peach is icing on the cocktail. You can find the recipe here and serving them in these adorable etched monogrammed glasses (um, hello, "M" for "Maggie" - how do I not own these?!) would be so cute!

set of 6 monogrammed "M" glasses - $18

2. Blackberry Gin Fizz Float

                                Blackberry Gin Fizz Float

I just read the name of this drink and started drooling. It sounds perfect for an evening on the porch, munching on some cheese and bread. The recipe is here and we would absolutely have to serve them in these black-based beauties! The colors would really pop and add another dimension to your delite!

Set of 5 black-based glasses (with ridges on the inside) - $20

3. Limoncello

This seems like the most intensive process - but what a delicious result! Patience is a virtue, so make this your first cocktail of the evening lest you want to be waiting 4 more hours for a new batch. Recipe is here, and they'd be adorable in these little silver-rimmed glasses!

set of 7 silver-rimmed glasses - $28

4. Pineapple Raspberry Rum Refresher

                                     Pineapple-Raspberry Rum Refresher
  How delicious does that beverage look? Throw it in these amazing gold leaf glasses and you'll have a cocktail everyone's jonesing for!

set of 6 Frank Maietta bumblebee and flower glasses - $60

5. Red Sangria
                              Red Sangria

You can't spell summer without sangria (I mean, you know what I'm getting at) and this recipe looks so tantalizingly delicious! We've got a few amazing punch bowl sets in the store, which would be perfect for serving a full party of people!

 cut glass punch bowl set - $45

6. Pink Grapefruit Margaritas

                               Pink Grapefruit Margaritas
As I mentioned above, I love grapefruit gin and tonics, so grapefruit margaritas? Sign me up! The recipe is here. These glasses aren't actually for alcoholic cocktails but for shrimp cocktails! But they're the perfect size and have the best rim for loads of salt. Plus, you get double-duty out of them for when you have a hankering for shrimp!

set of 8 shrimp cocktail glasses (+ bowls not shown) - $32

9. Lime Beer Cocktail

                                Lime Beer Cocktail
This is the easiest recipe and a great option for anyone who doesn't like liquor. Plus, we have THE most perfect glasses to serve them in, because who wouldn't want a set of PBR chalices??

set of 6 PBR glasses - $18

And as an added bonus, here are a few cocktail/martini shakers for all your mixing needs!

left to right: $20, $18, $22.50

So it's time to get your summer sipping on! You've got the recipes and we'll provide the goods, so what's stopping you?

- Mag

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