Thursday, June 12, 2014

These are a view of my favorite things...


     Guys, we've got the goods. I've been having embarrassing fashion melt downs. It's getting really bad that when one of our most perfect 50's prom dresses sold my eyes literally filled with crocodile tears and I got the chills! It was so embarrassing, but the idea of a gorgeous vintage piece finding a happy home made me very emotional. Today I would simply like to share with you some of my favorite women's clothing we currently have in the store. Get this Kleenex ready, this is going to be rough...
 Peach Halter Jumpsuit with Crochet waist: $34
Necklace: $10   Sunglasses: $12
 Wear this beauty on a cool summer night when the polyester will keep you cozy and warm.
 Floral Tunic with Slits: $20
Mustard Mini: $16   Necklace: $16

 Silky fabric with photographic embroidered floral print! So awesome!!
 Black Pee-A-Boo Dress: $36
 This is just the very best thing I've ever seen!! The classiest of bathing suit covers or be bold and wear it with high waisted black underwear and black bra! ooooooolala
 Bright Asymmetrical Caftan: $28
Black Tassel Necklace: $10

 Barbados Shirt Dress: $25

 Lion Print Blouse: $18
 Fierce! Meow.
 Batik Harem Pants: $18
This is just the tip of the iceberg! Come in and check out all of the great new pieces, if you're like me and need emotional support we'll be happy to help you through it!

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