Friday, July 18, 2014

Cara's Show & Tell

 I went on vacation last week. It was great, I'm back, I'm bronzed, and I'm once again amazed by how much Street Scene changes in one weeks time! I came home to all kinds of eye candy and new obsessions, it's time to share them with the here I go, please enjoy another edition of Cara's Show & Tell...
 Mirrored Sunglasses: $12
(Hello Humans)

 Beautiful Fans: $6-$12
 I carry a fan every summer. I get a lot of looks, I know what everyone is thinking, but jokes on those mean muggers...I am cool, and they drool. Fans are beautiful, dramatic, and useful, why wouldn't you want one!
 Perfect suede fringed purse: $50
 Hand painted & Hand embellished gorgeous dress: $75

 What a beautiful textile. Makes me weak in the knees.
 Perfect 1930's zip front Dress: $42
 I love this dress. I've tried it on three different times, each time thinking something will magically change and it will suddenly fit such luck.

 Incredible Embroidered Chambray Tiny Man Shirt: $18

 You can fill the love and care that was put into these beautiful embroideries.
AMAZING woven pants, made in Mexico late 1960's: $24

 The perfect pair of pants. The fabric is so stunning it hurts.
 Beautiful Romantic Maxi Set: $24

The top of this dress needs to be worn by itself!

Come by and check out all the new treasures just waiting for the perfect home!


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